Woodframe Renovation Project

  • Medford/Somerville
  • Active
Artist's rendering of 50 Winthrop Street

Campus: Medford/Somerville
Status: Complete

School: School of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering
Completed: Fall 2023
Design Architect: Bechtel, Frank, Erickson (BFE)
Construction: Bowdoin Construction

Description of Woodframe Renovation Project

The Woodframe Renovation Project will add two small, apartment-style residences for students to the Tufts Medford CoHo (Community Housing) district and one in Somerville, providing a total of 75 new beds for undergraduates. The projects include full reconstruction of the two Medford properties and a significant addition to the existing building in Somerville.

Project Design Priorities

Innovation and Collaboration
These modern living spaces include comfortably sized common areas to encourage community gathering and collaboration among residents. All three buildings are in proximity to other Tufts housing, enhancing the neighborhood feel for the student residents.

Community, Connections, and Well-Being
The houses are designed to reflect the look of the surrounding neighborhoods, honoring the aesthetic of existing homes.

The properties will be built to Passive House performance standards, delivering a high-performance building envelope and mechanical systems. The custom-built, prefabricated structures are designed with a maximum insulation value and leverage electrically driven heat pump systems for efficient heating and cooling.

All three properties will meet or exceed state accessibility codes and will include at least one accessible bedroom, onsite handicap parking, and entrance ramps.

See Approximate Location (50 Winthrop St., Somerville)

See Approximate Location (29 Sawyer Ave., Somerville)

See Approximate Location (2-4 Capen St., Medford)